Countries That Eat Healthiest Food

Healthy living is the rising trend. So is healthy food. Obesity is rising because of processed food, against this problem; more people tend to eat organic and healthy food day by day. It seems that free range chicken or cattle, organic vegetables and fruits, fair trade chocolate and coffee and even vegan diet will be important concepts that we’ll hear frequently in future years. World is small and human population is too much crowded to maintain with these few resources. Humanity should discuss and find new ways to protect environment and produce sustainable, healthy, exploitation free and enough food. We researched the countries with healthiest food for you, from Mediterranean to Africa, from Latin America to Far East; hear is our list.



Obese : 27.6%, diabetes : 10.8%

Top 5 - Countries That Eat Healthiest Food

# On Screen Ranky Point
Hungary 13
Slovakia 12
Brazil 12
United States of America 12
Greece 12

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