The World 7 Most Funny Well Known Actress

Making someone laugh can be one of the hardest job ever. There are not that much people who can do this. Today I want to share my top 7 actress in terms of this job. To start with my number is Melissa McCarty. She started her career with doing stand-up shows and then we saw her one comedy movies and tv series. The second actress is Emma Stone. We know her from several movies. She is very talented and funny. The third one is Sandra Bullock. She played in several movies from different genre. They may be many people who do not know her funny side but if you watch her short videos, interview and such things you will understand what I mean. The fourth actress is Anne Hathaway. She started her career with television series and then go one to her career with cinema industry. The fifth one is Lisa Kudrow. We knew her from the television serie called Friends. She was very funny and still is. The sixth one is Maysoon Zayid. She is not a well known person and neither an actress. She does stund-up shows and suffers from a disease and because of this she cannot control her body and shake all the time. I believe that she is a great comedian. The seventh and the last one is Mila Kunis. We know her from many movies. She is a talented and very beautiful actress. That is my Top 7 hope you liked it.

Melissa McCarty

Melissa McCarty

Top 5 - The World 7 Most Funny Well Known Actress

# On Screen Ranky Point
Melissa McCarty 11
Emma Stone 10
Sandra Bullock 10
Anne Hathaway 10
Lisa Kudrow 10

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