The first difference is runny nose. Both in allergies and cold runny nose is a symthom but if you have cold the colour of your slime will differ between yellow and green while in allergies it does not have any collar and shows it self as transparent.


The second difference is scratchy eyes. If you cannot prevent yourself from scarthing your eyes you have allergies because this is only seen in allergi


The third problem is how quickly did it happened. To be more specific allergies occurs suddenly while cold go step by step. If you had problem before and than it has happened probably it is cold but if it is not so it is certainly allergies.


The fourth difference is that do you have any pains. If you suffer from pains it is absolutely caused by cold rather than allergies. While you have cold your sinuse can cause big problems in terms of this.


The fifth one is since when do you feel bad. Allergic reactions last to long while cold can be handled in maximum 2 weeks. So if you have problems which lasted long it is caused by allergies.


The last difference is that allergies and cold are seen in different time of the year. Allergies appears while the seasons changes while cold happens in winter and sometimes in fall.

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