10 Cheapest Places To Have Summer Vacation

You like to travel, worked all year and need a vacation but your budget is limited. Don’t worry, there are many fantastic destinations that you can afford and will love. Actually it’s about your habits and expectations, you can generally find accommodation, transportation and food for every kind of budget everywhere. It’s up to you whether you’ll stay in a luxurious resort hotel or in a cheap but clean hostel or eat at a fancy restaurant or a local cafe. With our list with hints and suggestions of cheap places, you can plan your vacation better.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

Room:Double Room, Star Ratings:5, breakfast and dinner, $164,7

Top 5 - 10 Cheapest Places To Have Summer Vacation

# On Screen Ranky Point
Bangkok, Thailand 25
Jakarta, Indonesia 17
Budapest, Hungary 17
Sofia, Bulgaria 15
Hanoi, Vietnam 14

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