10 Greatest Enemies Of Ancient Rome

Roman Empire grew stronger by conquering and destroying many civilizations. Roman civilization was home for 90 million people and expanded 6.5 million square kilometers. However, in this process, they had many enemies along the history. Most greatest and feared enemies including many brave kings and queens resisted against the most powerful civilization fot their freedoms.

Attila - Hun Empire

Attila - Hun Empire

Attila was the emperor of Hun civilization. Hun Empire stretched from Asia to Eastern Europe during 5th Century. Attila claimed territory in Gaul from Emperor Valentinian III and beside he claimed his sister “Honoria” to be his wife. Actually, Valentinian hated his sister who is princess and he called Attila to reascue himself. Attila invaded Roman civilization and he had a battle in Catalaunia with Roman-Visigoth army. Attila withdrew to assault again following year. However, he didn’t due to famine in Italy. He married with a Gothic princess and died on the wedding. Some says that he was poisoned by the princess.

Top 5 - 10 Greatest Enemies Of Ancient Rome

# On Screen Ranky Point
Attila - Hun Empire 14
Spartacus 10
Carthaginian Hannibal 10
Vercingetorix 10
Genius Killer 10

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