30 Worldwide Known Vine Phenomenons

Andy Warhol has said that one day everybody will be popular for 15 seconds. Thanks to Vine which was out two years ago, many Vine phenomenon rises the prominence and reaches a great number of follower by taking 6 seconds videos. We listed these worliwide known 30 vine phenomenons for you. Most of these phenomenons are comedians but there are actors and musicians among them. These vine phenomenons who find authentic ideas are followed by millions of followers and receive tenders for series and movies thanks to Vines they take.



Followers: 3.8 million

Top 5 - 30 Worldwide Known Vine Phenomenons

# On Screen Ranky Point
Amymarie Gaertner 14
Lance210 13
Shawn Mendes 12
Jessi Smiles 12
Brandon Calvillo 12

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