7 Points To Care For Your Eye Health

The eye is an organ that is used to connect with the outside world. It is a window that opens outward. Because the eye is so precious, we address to people we love by saying “my pupil”. So we should pay attention to eye health. Even when your child cries, you should not erase his tears. You cannot stand it though. Do not forget that the microbes may through the his/her eyes, because of your hand. Eye care is not like car care. Healthy eyes will not expense if protected.

Dash Away a Tear

Dash Away a Tear

Top 5 - 7 Points To Care For Your Eye Health

# On Screen Ranky Point
Dash Away a Tear 10
Periodic Inspection 10
Right Eyeglasses 10
Contact Lens 10
Blink of an Eye Consciously 10

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