Best Movies For Rainy Days

Autumn and winter are best movie seasons. It’s cold and rainy outside; you make popcorn and watch a good movie with your loved ones in your cozy, warm home. Choosing a good movie is important for such days. If you’ll watch with family, it must be suitable for children. Or if you’ll watch with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you should choose a movie that both of you’ll like. A romantic comedy may be a good choice for a date night at home or you can watch a good science fiction if you’re hanging out with your buddies. Let’s check the list for suggestions.

The Majestic

The Majestic

2001, Drama. Director: Frank Darabont. Stars: Jim Carrey, Martin Landau.

Top 5 - Best Movies For Rainy Days

# On Screen Ranky Point
Taken 12
The Peacemaker 12
How to Train Your Dragon 12
Prisoners 12
The Majestic 11

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