Life Changing Inventions By NASA

NASA scientists put signature to more than 6300 high-tech inventions. You don’t need to be an astronaut to use some of these technologies. Their inventions underlie many things that facilitate our daily life. Microchips, satellite TV and building insulation are only some of these NASA inventions. There are many other examples like deep-frozen food, wireless devices, invisible dental braces (which is one of the most successful products of orthodontic supplies industry), joystick and smoke detector. We listed life changing inventions of NASA for you.

Cordless Tools

Cordless Tools

Nasa firstly used cordless drill to help astronauts who need to collect stones and samples from Moon surface. This is how we met cordless technology first.

Top 5 - Life Changing Inventions By NASA

# On Screen Ranky Point
Cordless Tools 16
Infrared Ear Thermometers 12
Invisible Braces 11
Solar Energy 11
Water Filters 11

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