Most Beautiful Actress With Red Hair

Rita Hayworth was the pioneer of red hair at Hollywood. Her real hair color was black and she was Latin descendant. She dyed her hair a lush red to achieve a more Anglo look. She became one of the greatest stars of movie history and she is always remembered with her red hair. Redheads, gingers, carrot tops, no matter what you call them, everybody is sure that there is a certain something about women with red hair. Whether natural or by choice, women with red hair attract attention everywhere they go. We picked some of Hollywood's hottest ginger stars for you...

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain

Born March 24, 1977. Filmography: Mama, Zero Dark Thirty, Lawless

Top 5 - Most Beautiful Actress With Red Hair

# On Screen Ranky Point
Jessica Chastain 523
Emma Stone 517
Julianne Moore 486
Christina Hendricks 462
Kate Walsh 361

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