The 10 Biggest Mountain Which Hard To Climb On It

Mountaineering is a very popular activity of this era. Some people climb to mountains to leave the city, relax and just feel the wild nature, some people climb to mountains professionally to break the records. Whatever your reason is, it’s a very intense and mind-blowing experience to climb a mountain. Climbing to a difficult mountain top is a such important goal for a climber that sometimes he/she can risk his/her own life for this goal. Mountaineers use important mountaneering gear like ice axe, helmets, carabiners, ropes and other things according to difficulty of mountain. From K2 to Annapurna or Matterhorn, difficult mountains of the world attracts mountain climbers.



8,586 m, between India and Nepal

Top 5 - The 10 Biggest Mountain Which Hard To Climb On It

# On Screen Ranky Point
Kangchenjunga 21
The Matterhorn 15
The Eiger 14
Mt. Vinson 14
Denali 14

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