The Best Countries To Visit In Winter

Lush pine forests filled with snow, warming yourself in front of the fireplace after skiing, smell of mulled wine and hot chocolate, snowy streets that gives you a fairy tale feeling and beautiful energy of Christmas markets. Travelling in winter can be very joyful. Cold weather makes people closer to each other for warming their bodies and souls. For this reason, winter is quite romantic. Sometimes travelling to hot climate areas for winter is a good idea too. You can sunbathe on the beach and sip your drink while your friends are freezing in an office on a gloomy, cold workday. From Swiss Alps to Scandinavia or tropical areas, we listed the best countries to visit in winter for you.




Top 5 - The Best Countries To Visit In Winter

# On Screen Ranky Point
Tallinn 16
Bern 13
Prague 13
Hallstatt 13
Lake Bled 13

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