The Most Popular 5 Games Played By Males

There are many online games nowadays due to the internet. Many young people play these games but of course their preference may differ from one another. Today I will look at the Top 5 games played by males acoording to the researche done by Raptr in 2014. League of Legends is placed on the top. It is a battle game. There are two teams the one who uses more powerful weapons, techniques and characters win the game. The second games is World of Warcraft. It is also a game based on battle. İt is an online team game. World of Warcraft is a game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The third game is DOTA 2. It is a MOBA game developed by Valve Corparation. It is also a game based on strategy and action played both professionally and casually. The fourth most played game is Counter Strike: Global Offensive. It is also a game based on battle. The fifth and last one is Smite. Smite is developed by Hi-Rez Studios. The characters of the games are mythological characters which is played by the third person perspective. These are the top 5 games played by male players.

League of Legends

League of Legends

Top 5 - The Most Popular 5 Games Played By Males

# On Screen Ranky Point
League of Legends 11
World of Warcraft 10
DOTA 2 10
CK:Global Offensive 10
Smite 10

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