The Sexiest Women Wizards

We do not know your criteria of being smart actually, but there is something precisely true that each one of these women are smarter than we common people are. Some of them are the enrolees of Mensa International which is a community full of people with high IQ, like Geena and pornstar Asia Carrera. All the other girls know many foreign languages, have diplomas from the finest quality universities, and run academic studies. These splendid girls attract not only with their appearance, but also with their minds. Some of the girls will make you surprised that they take place in this ranking. Chica blonde bomb Jayne Mansfield, known with her mimics and physique, is also among the genious women, depending on IQ level. Madonna is also one of the top women with high IQ levels. Sharon Stone follows her in the line. And Harvard graduate, with 4.0 GPA, Natalie Portman can talk in five different languages. This ranking consist of women, some of them are actresses and even pornstars, with the highest IQ levels graduated from the finest universities Look at these girls in the list. They are also sort of scientists. And they are also women popular people as we know from the TVs and magazines and so on...

Famke Janssen

Famke Janssen

Profession: Film Producer, Model, Screenwriter, Actor, Film Director Institution: Universiteit van Amsterdam, Columbia University

Top 5 - The Sexiest Women Wizards

# On Screen Ranky Point
Famke Janssen 240
Shakira 188
Danica McKellar 184
Natalie Portman 165
Emma Watson 154

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