The World's Top Ten Most Expensive Hotels

You work hard entire year and when you are in vacation mode you think you deserve to pamper yourself. If you have enough cash to pay for it, you can always find a luxury hotel with a firm bed with soft linen and fluffy pillows, fast room service that is available at anytime of the day, a swimming pool with jacuzzi and spa and a wide window which has an amazing view. We present ten most expensive hotels in the world that provides much more than you expect and these hotels would make you wish that vacation would last forever.

Hotel President Wilson

Hotel President Wilson

Location: Geneva, Switzerland Suite: Royal Penthouse Suite Price Per Night: US$67,000 Area: 1,800m2

Top 5 - The World's Top Ten Most Expensive Hotels

# On Screen Ranky Point
Hotel President Wilson 20
Four Seasons Hotel 15
Hotel Cala di Volpe 12
The Connaught Hotel 12
Laucala Island Resort 11

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