Top 10 Most Interesting Countries

Some countries are very well known throughout the world but some are not. With the globalizing of the world due to technology, politics and the internet, we started to discover some interesting countries in remote areas. European and American tourists are bored of visiting same, ordinary places and new destinations are discovered every day. Countries like Bhutan, Laos, Bolivia and some other countries in different continents are shining out because of their well kept nature, organic food, interesting cultural features and traditional lifestyles that could hide from aggressive capitalism until today. Why don’t you travel an interesting country in 2015? Check out our list and choose somewhere.



Bhutan,Capital:Thimphu, Official languages: Dzongkha.

Top 5 - Top 10 Most Interesting Countries

# On Screen Ranky Point
Bhutan 20
Laos 14
Bolivia 13
Ecuador 13
Libya 13

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