Top 20 Landmarks Of USA

American nation has a rich cultural and historical heritage. United States Of America, which includes many different cultural and geographical features, from Atlantic Ocean shores to Pacific Ocean shores,from Maine to New Mexico, has spectacular landmarks almost in every state. For example, there are 48 historical landmarks in only Georgia state itself. Massachusetts has 187 landmarks and Boston city has 58 landmarks. There are 2529 landmarks all around the USA that’s registered to The United States National Historic Landmark Program. Washington Monument, Mount Rushmore,Gateway Arc or Hoover Dam; all of them are glamorous. We listed top 20 landmarks of USA for you.

USS Arizona Memorial

USS Arizona Memorial

in Honolulu, Hawaii

Top 5 - Top 20 Landmarks Of USA

# On Screen Ranky Point
USS Arizona Memorial 31
Cloud Gate 22
Vietnam Veterans Memorial 21
Korean War Veterans Memorial 20
Bellagio Fountains 18

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