Top 5 Travelling Snaps Of Dating Couple

In 2010 Moss and Bush commenced dating. They always had the desire to journey the world jointly. However, they did not feel that this would ever be possible. In 2014, Moss and Bush decided on living in and focusing on their careers. Following a month they quit. Then, they came to a deal that they would make as much saving as possible for the remaining part of 2014 and make use of that for travelling the world. And soon they were on the way to their foremost destination. Below we look at some places they have been to and some of their experiences.

Riding an elephant

Riding an elephant

Top 5 - Top 5 Travelling Snaps Of Dating Couple

# On Screen Ranky Point
Riding an elephant 10
North Vietnam landscapes 10
Teaching underprivileged Cambodian children 10
Bicycling in Europe 10
Cycling through French alps 10

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