Top 50 Of The Hottest Russian Women

Beauty of Russian women is a very well-known fact. As well as being beautiful, these women are brave, intelligent, self-sufficient and free-spirit, and these features make them hotter. Beautiful Russian women are fantasy of all men. Famous or ordinary, fashion model or doctor, all Russian women have this specific charm. According to a research, Russian women like trustable, hardworking, prestigious and intellectual men, you should know that We listed top 50 hottest Russian women for you.

Tatiana Kotova

Tatiana Kotova

Her Job: Model, Pop Star

Top 5 - Top 50 Of The Hottest Russian Women

# On Screen Ranky Point
Tatiana Kotova 3935
Victoria Bonya 3743
Valentina Zelyaeva 3694
Inna Popenko 3585
Olga Urashova 3489

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